Safety of your assets

All client accounts are opened with our partner banks in the customer’s name.

If you desire, your current account may also be maintained at your bank. The only difference to your other accounts is that GFS will be authorized to submit orders on your behalf. The power-of-attorney granted for this purpose restricts GFS from withdrawing or transferring your assets to other accounts.

You will always have full control over your account. All transactions and fees are monitored by GFS.

Custodian banks will send your account statements directly to you.

We prefer direct investment in securities: Contrary to investing through mutual funds and certificates, direct equity investment offers the greatest transparency regarding transactions, dividends and fees.

You have the most protection through direct ownership of securities. For example, most certificates are only for unsecured debt of the issuing institutions.

Customer deposits at German banks are insured by the Deposit Protection Fund of the Association of German Banks.

We are regulated by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).