What we do differently?

Combination of clearly defined and transparent investment strategies

Most asset management companies apply a single investment strategy. Our strategy is to combine different investment approaches. We diversificate not only geographically and by asset class, but also through various investment styles.

In our fund, GSF Strategic IV, we combine four of our equity strategies.

Attentive customer service

Our customers appreciate the fact that we are available not only during normal banking hours, but also in the evenings and on weekends – at times when customers might have time to attend to their financial planning.

Through our network, we have profound insight into diverse investment products, because these are offered by the issuers for sale. We will explain the products in terms of cost and features. If necessary, you can benefit from our contacts with experts in tax, legal or specialized forms of investment.

We provide you with continuity of service. There is not a constant fluctuation of advisors. We also offer multi-generational planning. Our advisors have been sheparding securites accounts for many families for two generations.

We are not after commissions: Our goal is to create a long-term and close relationship with our customers.