We are looking for employees

Are you a self-employed financial advisor?

Due to the new legal requirements, you will only be able to practice your profession under more difficult conditions as of January 1, 2013, even though you have been working successfully for your clients for years?

The legal regulation brings with it high requirements for you as a self-employed financial advisor if you want to continue to offer a comprehensive range of products.

You can face the legal requirements as a “lone wolf”. Or you can look for a team of committed comrades-in-arms in which you can continue to advise your clients holistically in the future.

Are you an employee or tied agent of a bank?

Are you wondering whether you could better serve your clients as an Independent Consultant?

We are looking for

committed, experienced financial advisors with the appropriate qualifications who know that a long-term client relationship is only possible when acting in the exclusive interest of the client.

We offer

a solid liability umbrella, registered with the supervisory authority, with the required permits, which gives you all the possibilities to provide comprehensive advice to your clients. You save a lot of administrative time: time that you could use more sensibly for your clients.


Please contact us under (040) 226 223 0 or
by mail: info (at) gfs-hh.de