Our Independence: Your Advantage

Investors in Germany do not usually receive extensive financial planning advice. Especially independent advice! Most banking institutions are primarily interested in the sale of their own products (e.g. mutual funds and structured products). Often the necessity of these products or even the customer’s understanding of them is secondary.

Accounts are shifted to and fro to generate commissions. Not every transaction is executed for the benefit of the client. The jungle of bank products and fees and the emergence of ever-larger companies through mergers and acquisitions are detrimental to customer confidence. Customized advice tailored to client needs has often been phased out and customers are classified according to predefined categories and offered products virtually “off the shelf”. The financial consultant is often only a salesman for structured products.

By all accounts, banks do not foster a close-knit customer and consultant relationship. There is a risk that if the consultant leaves the institution that the customer will follow. This is most likely one of the many reasons that bank customers are constantly confronted with new persons of contact to which they must explain everything anew.

Some of our advisers have been servicing many of our clients for 20 years and more. We do not represent the interests of mutual fund companies and banks, we offer personalized asset management based on experience, autonomy and financial success.